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The adventurers continue drinking well into the night with the noble heads-of-house. Even through the celebration, the party is vigilant - watchful eyes keep track of all who enter and exit the banquet hall. Besides the guests, servers, and guards, nothing appears to be amiss.

All of the guests of the banquet have left, save our party and the nobility. Duke Joran, thoroughly into his cups, leans over to the heroes to get the "real" story about what happened the night they cured the haunted forest. The group shares the events as they truly happened, but the nobility seem unconvinced of a celestial's intervention in the forest.

All of the sudden, a distant yell is heard. Rapidly approaching from above, a figure plummets down into the center of the banquet hall, cratering into the marble floor, sending tables and dinnerware crashing into the walls. The room is thick with dust and debris, and a large silhouette begins to rise.

The party holds their ground, and Severen and Joran call out for the figure to show themselves. Coughing and standing shakily, a large horse emerges from the cloud of dust and introduces himself as Murray, a celestial guardian of the Shadowfax household.

Still in complete shock, Duke Joran slowly realizes that this horse is a legacy figure of the Shadowfax household. The group connects the statue in the study as the summoning artifact for Murray. Murray tries to make himself comfortable at the table and asks for a drink.

While Allium heads off to secure the small statue from the Duke's study, Yenvalor fills a glass for Murray of the Hero's Whiskey. The whiskey still continues to have strange effects, but Murray unwittingly downs the entire glass. The room quickly learns Murray is of the "wild magic" class of sorcery.

Murray, on going blind and deaf, discovers he has also unloaded the Grease spell out of his bottom. Flailing and screaming, Murray and the adventurers manage to escape the slippery mess, just as his faculties come back online. Ashamed, Murray leaves the banquet hall to get some air, followed by Allium.

Alone outside, Allium offers calming words to Murray, who is still grappling with his identity as a guardian of the Shadowfax household, and his identity as a wild magic creature.

Back in the banquet hall, Princess Norba and Duke Braun drunkedly excuse themselves.

Sir Roundbottom rushedly enters the great hall, yelling for Duke Joran. Before he can relay any details, a parade of imperial guard, led by a heavily armored and decorated military official, burst into the hall.

The official introduces himself as Major Maynard Braxis, and he begs forgiveness for intruding the festivities. However, he seeks the murderer of an imperial guard, named Isólfur. Isólfur's body was found in the dungeons, apparently poisoned, and next to his corpse was Duke Joran's ring (bearing the emblem of the moon goddess). Braxis explains that the adventurers must join him back in the capitol as well to face trial, considering they were the last to see Isólfur. He then gestures to bring forth a badly beaten Captain Morgan.

Braxis makes one final request for the party to submit to arrest "peacefully," before Morgan calls out that the whole arrest is a setup. Severen used the message spell to contact Allium out back in the gardens. A guard executes Captain Morgan on the spot. Lady Ana readies an action.

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