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Yenvalor opens fire across the table with a powerful spell centered directly on Major Braxis. An ethereal beam of moonlight burns into Braxis and one of his guards, and the rest of the guards move in to kill.

Out in the gardens, Murray doubts his abilities to help Duke Joran and his family. Allium receives a message spell from Severen summoning him back to the into the banquet hall. Murray reacts swiftly. He pulls Allium onto his back, and rushes into the large stained glass windows, dramatically crashing onto the head table.

Severen, also using a new magical ability, cuts down guards and scenery with blasts of fire. Lady Ana's skin freezes, as she begins to throw shards of ice into the General. Kreleanor continues to lend a helping paw, keeping the eyes and ears on the attackers.

Amidst the cries of dying henchment, Braxis barrels towards Duke Joran. Murray intervenes, with a peculiar spell (supposedly from some form of vague training he's undergone), and knocks into the Duke to turn him invisible. Braxis, however, seems to be able to percieve the Duke, even despite the invisibilty, and swings wildly at the air with his longsword.

The guards begin to break into the party's ranks, and Kreleanor shows her lethal ability as she takes the life of the nearest attacker. Suddenly surrounded, Kreleanor takes multiple attacks from spears, and she falls unconscious. The attackers are fought off by Yenvalor and Sylceren, but something unusual occurs. One of the dead guards stands up in a grisly show of necromancy, and attacks the other guard. No one seems to understand the scene, except for one.

Lady Ana reacts quickly and lays a healing hand on Kreleanor, bringing her back to her feet, shaken and still wounded. In the center of the table, Allium and Braxis begin a battle of sheer brawn and strength, as the two grapple for control of Braxis' sword. Realizing a turning tide in this combat, Braxis pulls a small whistle from his armor, and blows a small tune. Allium pins Braxis to the table, and, once again, an undead solider rises and pierces Braxis in the stomach. This time, all eyes fall on the focused face of Sylceran, as the group realizes the extent of the their abilities.

The remaining guards, seeing their General prone on the table bloody and beaten, drop their weapons and beg for mercy. After a moment of deliberation, the party decides to spare the remaining two guards, instructing them to live thier lives to a better standard. They dutifully agree and give thanks, and sprint out of the hall.

Braxis, surrounded only by the dead and dying, continues to lash out with a soldier's spirit - but to no avail. Brandishing a new Bag of Holding, the four party members get to work stuffing Braxis into the bag. Amidst the struggles and screams, as the bag finally consumes the head of the defeated General, the marbled eye of Braxis clinks on a dinner plate.

Any notion of celebration is cut short by Lady Ana's stern warning - the Duke's guard is missing, and an unsettling sensation begins to wash over the party.

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