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Ludwin gestures for Allium to take the weapon and use it against the invaders. Within the large table lays a pale white greatsword that glows with purplish light. The Holy Avenger is easily lifted by Allium's strong arms.

Allium returns through the portal back in the Duke's study, just in time to see Lady Ana Collazo dive behind an armchair, narrowly avoiding a spell of inky black smoke thrown by the Faceless. Ana responds with even greater magic - a ball of fire pushes from her palms and explodes against the Faceless. The creature screams in pain, but still stands.

Back in the hallway, Severen has rejoined the Duke, Murray, Sylceran, Yenvalor, and Kreleanor as they stand up to a Faceless of their own.

The Duke, panicked by the illusory images of his wife and daughter dead only moments ago, looks to the group for instruction. The heroes order him to get astride Murray and flee the battle. Murray turns to reach the Duke, but the Faceless produces a phantom whisp of a blade from its hand, and rams it into Murray's side. Murray cries out in pain, but pushes through to lift the Duke onto his back. They take off at full gallop down the hallway.

Yenvalor calls for Kreleanor to attack the Faceless, and the wolf vaults into the robed figure. Her jaws clamp into the neck of the robes, and the creature is thrown to the ground by the impact.

In the study, Allium and Lady Ana trade blows with the Faceless. A swing from Allium's sword catches the head of the figure, blasting half of the mask clear out of its hood. Beneath the mask is only the hollow shape of the robe, no flesh or form. Another other-wordly shriek escapes the Faceless, before Lady Ana finishes the creature. With open arms, Ana floods the torso of the Faceless with icy missiles. The robe collapses to the ground, empty and motionless.

In the hallway, Severen tells the group he'll bring Lady Ana to their fight. Once again, Severen careens down the hallway, bending torchlight as he flies, surpassing even the dashing Duke and Murray. In the blink of an eye, he is in front of a battle-worn Lady Ana and Allium. Ana hops on Severen's back, and the two return to the hallway battle.

Back in the hallway, the Faceless throws Kreleanor back, and rises back to its feet.

A chill sweeps through the room as the cloaked figure lowers its gloved hands to its sides. Yenvalor and Sylceren, poised to strike, lose focus on their surroundings. Both see themselves back in the forest of Moss End, returned to its overly-echanted state. A stunningly beautiful forest consumes all of their scenes. And yet... Sylceren's eyes narrow, and the calm of a hunter overtakes them. Fixated on a spot just past Yenvalor, Sylceren slowly raises their crossbow - the arrow seemingly aimed squarely at Yenvalor. The bolt sails just past Yenvalor's ear, and finds purchase in the chest of the Faceless. The illusion dissolves as the creature reels backwards.

Severen lands in the hallway and Lady Ana sprints towards the Faceless. The figure spins backwards in a twirl of black robes, and raises its hands with blackish blue magic growing between its palms. Just as it begins to push its cursed energy toward the entire party, Lady Ana reachs out and clamps its hands shut, dispelling a horrifying level of dark magic.

Severen throws a final fistful of missiles at the creature. The fiery bolts perforate and burn the robes of the creature. As it gives one final cry, it collapses into a blackened robe on the floor.

All of the fighters return to the Duke's study. Just as they catch their breath, Princess Norba and Kratos emerge from the portal in the bookself. Norba is still clearly drunk, and Kratos informs the room that half of the crew of the Falling Star is dead. He looks to the heroes of Moss End for what to do next.

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