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The crowds of people at the tournament grounds are beginning to disperse, as healers begin to tend to the heroes' wounds. A few Macintosh rangers seem to be inspecting the ground where the flameskulls where dispatched into piles of shattered bone and ash.

The adventurers move to Gillain's mage tower to check on her wellness. Sound of struggle emanate from upstairs, and in the top floor bedroom a horrifying scene unfolds. Arthur Sagepetal screams and claws at the lashings holding him to the bed, and Gillain helplessly wields a small dagger. Arthur has fully succumbed to the necrotic magic, and he is now an undead creature.

Allium braces against the back of the bed and restrains the creature as the rest of the party tries to figure out what to do. Syceran and Gillain run downstairs to get potions, and Severen helps Allium keep Arthur's form restrained. Gillain quickly grabs some potions, and Sylceran spends a moment investigating Gillain's bookshelf. Sylceren finds some surprisingly dark materials, annotated by Gillain, to attempt to bring someone back from the dead using malicious magic. Back up top, Gillain tries to give Arthur the potion, but is almost bitten as she attempts to administer it. Severan attacks the creature, and Gillain attacks Severan in an attempt to defend Arthur from harm. Severen quickly binds her, and successfully persaudes her of the necessity to kill the creature - that Arthur is no more.

Gillain winces as Sylceran's blade drives through the bed and thuds into the wood of the floor. The undead creature is slain, and the corpse rots into a skeletal horror as three years of decay takes its toll.

The party solemnly escorts Gillain from her tower, out into the bustling street. Severen gets Pip's attention, and has him run to the mortician of Moss End to handle Arthur's remains. The group leads Gillain back to Dara and Asha's house.

Asha begins assembling a meal and some drinks for all of the new guests in her home, and Dara intently listens to the stories of the tournament (minus the encouter with the vampire). Dara proudly claps Sylceran on the back upon hearing their victories, and produces a rare alcohol that gives the heroes a strong and euphoric effect (in the form of 5 temp HP). Gillain is despondent at one end of the table, but, with some thoughtful spellcasting, Severen is able to emphasize the wonderful smell of the food and goad Gillain's appetite.

We leave a warm and loving scene of heroes sharing stories and hosts happy for company, in a beautiful little home in Moss End.

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